Multisite Development


We will build your multisite for your multilingual, eCommerce or academic site. VPS hosting and full software licencing for the apps we provide are included for one year together with our Gold Service Plan and the site renews after the first year on our enterprise tier with the same level of cover.


There are numerous use cases for multisite installations – the most common being those for multilingual websites, academic institutions, or for advanced eCommerce websites to name a few. The level of complexity in designing these sites makes it a task not possible on the vast majority of web-building platforms. WordPress is the platform that powers over 30% of the world’s internet and is supported by thousands of plugins to enhance its functionality. WordPress is also very multisite capable and is used by a number of commercial and academic institutions from around the world.

This base price includes:

a 90-minute initial consultation by video call. Weekly 30-minute updates.  Bi-weekly visual update and client feedback. One year of VPS hosting and full software licencing for one year (for the licences that we provide). The Gold service plan is included in this plan giving access to 30 minutes of developer time and priority support with a 12-hour service level agreement.

After the first year, the plan renews at the pricing for the enterprise tier.

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